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Vetting Systems for Cleaning Services Staff at Zing Clean

Vetting Systems for Cleaning Services Staff at Zing Clean

At Zing Clean “customer security” is paramount.

We promise you that we will assign to your site reliable employees. You will be informed by a written notification of any new cleaner, supervisor or relief cleaner prior to sending the person yo your site.This includes the employee’s unique ID number, full name and photograph. Before we send a cleaner on site we would have already vetted him/her. Our highly trained HR Department with more than10 years’ cleaning services recruitment experience will have carried out a series of checks during the recruitment process and on and ongoing basis.

Recruitment Process

Registration Process: All candidates are registered and vetted

Documents required:

• Valid Passport or ID
• Visa or work permit endorsed
• National Insurance Number
• Police registration (Students)
• Prove of address or utility bill

Filling in forms

• Job Application form
• Bank details form
• P46
• Declaration form


• Attitude
• Appearance
• Candidate Values
• References
• Technology

We have recently invested in scanning documents using 3M Scanner and Assure Tec Database. The document checker and AssureID inspects and centrally stores over 2500 different identity documents including Visas, Passports, ID Cards, Drivers licences and more, with technology used in airports and country borders. This technology enable us to identify fraudulent documents and comply with the HMRC and Home Office Immigration Regulations.

DBS Checks / Standard and Enhanced Disclosures

Applicants / Employees are also DBS checked. This process allowed us to check applicants and employees spent and unspent convictions, any cautions, reprimands, final warnings, inclusion on children’s and adults barred lists. Enhanced disclosures are the appropriate level of check for positions working with children and vulnerable adults.

Training and Employees Evaluations

As part of our Induction training all employees are required to complete an E-Learning Video containing the following topics:

1. Training in cleaning services processes

• Office cleaning process + Work flow
• Kitchen cleaning process
• Toilet cleaning process
• Microfibre (colour coding)
• Security on site

2. Site Specific Training on site given by Area Manager (2-3 days)

3. Probation Period

• There is a 6 Months trial and an employee performance evaluation completed

4. Appraisals

Once a year Appraisals for all employees. We are aiming to assess the following points:

• Attitude
• Role
• Appearance
• Health & Safety
• Complaints & records
• Disciplinary issues
• Training needs

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Authored by Carolina Ramirez, HR Manager at Zing Clean.

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