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constantly systemizing
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Training and Quality Cleaning

At Zing we recognise the importance of Induction and Ongoing Training to the delivery of quality cleaning. We know that employees who are trained at regular intervals will provide quality cleaning for our clients.

To ensure that our employees achieve their KPIs we have invested our time and efforts to develop the following best training programmes and procedures:

Multilingual videos

Zing video induction training recorded by our cleaning teams and HR department. This training is translated into other languages to support employees for whom English is not first language

Training booklets

Training booklets given to employees which they can refer to at any time

Cleaning test

Cleaning test to ensure that all employees have understood our company and clients requirements

Ongoing training

Ongoing training on sites signed by employees and records stored in our main database system to ensure that all employees receive ongoing training in all aspects of cleaning

Performance monitoring

Training levels monitored by our HR department 6 monthly during appraisals and reported to Management

Performance pay

Training is linked to area managers performance related pay with training target to achieve monthly