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Pest Control London for Public & Private Sector customers

Zing has been providing Pest Control to its customers since 2004. We provide one off treatments and ongoing contracts. We recommend having a pest control contract in place to prevent problems from reoccurring. It is also a legal requirement if your business is involved with food.

Zing provides the following pest control treatments:

  • Trapping and proofing against rats and mice
  • Installation of bird proofing systems
  • Disinfection of areas affected by birds
  • Fogging treatments and Ultra Low Volume treatments against insects
  • Provision and installation of electrical and glue boards fly control units
  • Trapping and culling in rural environments
  • Wasp, ant, beetle and cockroach and other insects control

Within the contract we will include:

  • Regular visits to your premises
  • Administering treatment accordingly
  • Checking traps and baits
  • Free emergency visits should the problem occur between the visits
  • Written reports include risk assessments and COSHH details
  • Written advice and recommendations

Our aim is to spot the problem and deal with it before you even realise.

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