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Commercial Cleaning and the Environment

Zing is committed to using best work practices that minimise the effects of commercial cleaning on the Environment.

  • All employees have the responsibility to minimise inappropriate waste.
  • All managers use hybrid vehicles for site visits and deliveries.
  • Our contracts are grouped in geographical areas to minimise CO2 emissions.
  • Our SAP system allows us to provide electronically: Invoices; Account Statements; Site Visit Reports; Time & Attendance; PAT testing.

We work with Evans Vanodine to provide environmentally friendly commercial cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are diluted on-site to minimise packaging and transport costs.  In all appropriate areas we use microfibre cloths and mops. This method requires fewer chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

We understand that all our customers aim to reduce their environmental impact and we train our cleaners to follow waste management policies implemented by clients on site.  We are proud that last year by training our operatives to follow client’s procedures we increased the recycling waste by 40% on our client’s sites.  Paper is recycled in our client offices and all waste is disposed of in accordance with statutory regulations.

All our machinery and equipment is carefully selected to reduce usage of energy.  Our window cleaning division uses environmentally friendly reach and wash systems.