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How do we increase the motivation of our cleaning services staff?

How do we increase the motivation of my cleaning services staff?

“If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers. It’s that simple.”
– Richard Branson –

Very often cleaning staff rarely engage with the cleaning services company they actually work for. It is in the cleaning services company’s best interest to encourage this, and there are many simple but effective ways we connect with our on-site workforce:

  1. Share the company good news with them via a regular newsletter, including changes and positive developments. A good way to motivate on-site employees is to circulate customer’s good feedback about them and reward accordingly – remember the majority of our on-site workforce English is not their first language so it is good practice to write the newsletter in simple language without using business jargon. At Zing Clean we translate our newsletters to Spanish and Polish to ensure that employees enjoy reading them.
  2. Ensure the staff can speak to someone in our head office not only with their Area Managers. On-site workforce members tend to think that they can’t contact anyone else. At Zing Clean we have a dedicated HR department that listens to employees’ suggestions and feedback. Employees can speak in their language as we ensure that there is always someone in the office available to translate.
  3. We carry out annual appraisals with all employees not just the office staff. We talk to all cleaners once per year and ask them to give us their feedback on our company’s performance. We ask them what plans they have for the future and if they wish to be promoted, if yes, we work out a training plan for them.
  4. Development is key. Our employees have access to number of courses available to them through Westminster College. Our HR department advises cleaners on courses available during appraisals and via the newsletter.
  5. Ensure Top Managers visit their cleaning staff whilst on customer sites to maintain good relationships with them; after all we are all part of the same team.
  6. We share our success and profits with our workforce to increase their motivation. By sharing profits with our employees, it encourages them to be part of the bigger team and achieve together.
  7. Ask our customers to pay cleaners higher rates, e.g. the London Living Wage. Our customers that are willing to pay more have the benefit of seeing the same faces for a number of years on their sites. It builds trust and customer feels their cleaning services are in safe hands.
  8. Paying a loyalty bonus is another way of showing our appreciation towards our workforce. At Zing Clean we pay loyalty bonuses starting from their 5th anniversary. We also allow 1 week extra holidays for their 15th anniversary.
  9. Geographical grouping of the cleaning contracts allows our employees to gain more working hours and reduce travelling time between sites. Customers enjoy working with the same employees on sites and certainly enjoy retaining staff that they trust.
  10. Believe that cleaning is a career and demonstrate it; many of our top managers have progressed from cleaning jobs.
  11. Give our employees the right tools to work with- it is very important to choose correct equipment and PPE. Area Managers should also listen to employee’s suggestions in regards how best to clean a particular site.
  12. Organise events that include our on-site staff to get to know them and to integrate with them. At Zing Clean we invite our on-site workforce once a year to a themed party encouraged by area managers and office staff. We prepare food, drinks and music to ensure everyone feels welcomed. This is our way of saying thank you to all employees- after all they are the face of our business.

At Zing Clean we recognise the strong link between customer satisfaction and employee retention. Having observed the statistics for the last 10 years we are certain that the motivation of our workforce has a massive impact on retention of our customers. Not to mention our savings on training new employees from scratch, cost of DBS checks, recruitment cost and so on. In short, we make our company better by looking after our employees.

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Authored by Jolanta Wayling, Managing Director at Zing Clean.

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