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Waste Services for Commercial customers across London:

Mixed Recycling
Zing Clean offers quick, easy and responsible mixed recycling solutions in London. Zing Clean’s Mixed Recycling service accepts all paper, plastic, card, metal and glass and is an easy way of reaching high standards of recycling with minimal fuss. Mixed Recycling is taken to a state-of-the-art materials recovery facility where it is sorted and sent back into manufacturing.

General Waste (Zero to Landfill)
Zing Clean’s General Waste service accepts all materials, including food waste. General Waste is taken for incineration at a state-of-the-art energy recovery facility where it is used to produce electricity. As with all Zing Clean services, no waste is sent to landfill.

Cardboard Recycling
Zing Clean’s Cardboard Recycling service is an easy, low cost way of recycling your cardboard. Simply flat pack your cardboard and place out for collection with your normal Mixed Recycling and General Waste Sacks.

Confidential Recycling
Zing Clean’s Confidential Recycling service enables you to confidentially destroy any paper or data your business produces. Confidential Recycling is taken to a secure destruction facility where it is shredded, pulped and recycled into new paper.

Paper Recycling
All types of paper can be recycled in Zing Clean’s Mixed Recycling Sacks, along with plastic, card, metal and glass. Mixed Recycling Sacks are collected daily from outside your business and are taken for sorting and reprocessing at a materials recovery facility. If you require your paper to be confidentially destroyed, please enquire about our Confidential Recycling service.

Other services available include: food waste; glass collection; stationary;electrical recycling; toner & cartridge recycling; battery recycling; fluorescent tubes; textiles and even coffee grounds!

We can provide internal bins and external bins for your waste services needs.

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