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constantly systemizing
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Company Culture | Fun, Drive, Change | Professional Cleaners


We are a family and we want to make our premises feel like a second home. We recognise that the well-being of our employees contribute towards their satisfaction and involvement.

Our employees are professional cleaners, and we incentivise them with our rewards schemes, social events and training opportunities.

Rewards Schemes

We have a reward culture that contributes to staff motivation, performance and employee retention, which currently stands at 87%:

• All of our employees benefit from a share of Gross Profit
• All of our employees are getting additional bonuses which are based on PIP against KPI’s
• Our bonuses schemes includes loyalty, recommendations and referral bonus
• Generous commissions are paid towards upsells
• We announce good behaviours and achievements
• We promote people within the business for example we have cleaners that have become managers


We hold up to 16 events per year which includes: fun days out, office bbq’s, summer party, Christmas party and birthdays celebrations.


Continuous development of a training culture for the interest of the organisation, clients and employees by investing in people and having training and development plans available for our staff.

We offer different types of Skills through NVQ’s, H&S, compliance, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Our leaders have a code of conduct ensuring all our professional cleaners are treated fairly. There is consistence to ensure the same policies and practices are followed across the business. Our main purpose is to create focus and obtain 100% commitment from our cleaners. Professional cleaners that will provide quality service to our customers and will be willing to adjust the service specifications to their needs.


By developing a “winning” cultural environment. Decisive and competitive people who accept new challenges. People who are willing to work outside job description. People who will take change as an opportunity to grow together with the business.

At Zing we make “change” an easy process for everyone. We ensure we involve them in decision making and consultations with new opportunities for everyone.

What our employees say about us:

“The time was very good for me. I have a good relations with my Supervisor and customers appreciated our job. I am happy about that”

“In my previous company I did not have holidays and cleaning materials – Zing is great. The time has been good I did not have any badness”

“I do not have any complaints at all. The company is excellent, in another company I cried because they were horrible”