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Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration: 5 Reasons to Hire Zing

  • The main benefit is to create a stunning impression for your visitors
  • Protecting your hard floor is the best way to ensure they last a long time
  • Our team has over 15 years experience of restoring all type of hard floors
  • Our team can work out of hours and weekends to minimise disruption
  • We can provide a risk assessment & method statement for your premises

As part of our activities we provide for any kind of natural stone and marble: cleaning; grinding; polishing; crystallization; and impregnation services.

After renovation the surface of the stone looks like new with no scratches, mottles and spots.

Zing Clean provides hard floor cleaning & restoration services for shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, office foyers and any high traffic areas in commercial & residential buildings.

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  • Zing Services | Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Hard Floor Cleaning

The complete process of natural stone restoration is polishing, and either crystallization or impregnation, and this depends on the type of stone.

This process is intended to give the surface a mirror shine.
Polishing stone is also a way to restore the gloss of the floor, which is matted but without visible, deep scratches & marks.
This treatment can be used in shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, office foyers or any high traffic areas. Wherever we are dealing with heavily soiled surfaces.

Advantages of crystallization:
– perfect cleansing
– enhancing colours
– anti-slip
– increased strength
– easy daily cleaning
Crystallization of marble is also used to maintain a high standard. Crystallization can be carried out on less damaged floors without a loss of shine.

The impregnation process is to strengthen and secure the substrate of the stone.
Give hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.
And ensures that:
– protects against the harmful effects of atmospheric factors
– increases resistance to low and high temperatures
– limits the growth of fungi, lichens and algae
– intensifies the colour or deepens the colour

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