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Commercial Window Cleaning : 5 Reasons to Hire Zing

  • correct window cleaning technology used for your building: heights etc
  • Zing staff IPAF certified and trained by British Window Cleaning Academy
  • notify you in advance which of our vetted staff will work at your premises
  • your windows cleaned when you need them to be cleaned: for privacy etc
  • Site Audits within 24 hours of your inquiry and competitive quote prepared


Zing Clean Protecting Customers and Staff

Excellent hygiene has never been more important, with professional daily cleaning an essential service.

In response, Zing has updated Method Statements and Risk Assessments for our Customer premises (download and review on our Policies & Certificates page).

When a case is reported, you can use our Coronavirus Decontamination Service, available to our existing and new Customers.

Zing Clean provides commercial window cleaning services for Public & Private customers, for example, Schools and Office Buildings through to Residential developments.

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  • Zing Services | Window Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Window Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Window Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Window Cleaning
  • Zing Services | Window Cleaning
  • Buildings old and modern have large expanses of glass that often requires a specialist approach to commercial window cleaning.

We have the full range of commercial window cleaning equipment and methods, including:

  • traditional
  • reach and wash
  • abseiling
  • hydraulic platforms
  • cradle window cleaning

All of the above commercial window cleaning services are conducted within strict health and safety guidelines and the training provided by the British Window Cleaning Academy.

We provide a risk assessment and method statement for each site when cleaning interior or exterior windows.

We can provide commercial window cleaning at an agreed frequency, or as and when requested – in or out of office hours.

Are you located within the M25 and need commercial window cleaning?

Contact Zing Cleaning Services and ask for our Specialist Team.

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