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Management of Cleaning Contracts

At Zing we understand that excellent cleaning combined with outstanding relationship with clients produces the energy that guarantees client’s satisfaction and retention of our cleaning contracts.

We manage our cleaning contracts through:

Relationship Managers

Relationship Managers are the first point of contact for you and are available during office hours.

Area Managers

Area Managers train the cleaners on site and also put ideas to improve services for our clients. Area Managers work out of hours alongside our cleaning staff.

On-Site Supervisors and cleaning operatives

On-Site Supervisors and Cleaning Operatives fulfill our client’s cleaning needs on a daily basis.

We can’t guarantee that we will never make a mistake but even if we do, we have processes in place to ensure that complaints are resolved to customer’s satisfaction.

All our complaints from our cleaning contracts have to be closed out with cause code assigned which enables us to re-train and change.


John Munoz