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constantly systemizing
Zing invests in robust online systems
so our contract clients easily manage their
cleaning service remotely

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Time & Attendance for Cleaning Contractors

Clients are typically keen to verify that their cleaning contractors are fulfilling their contractual obligations, including:

• Are cleaning staff on-site?
• Who are they, i.e. are they the ones assigned?
• What hours have they been on-site?

The team at Zing researched the software available on the market for cleaning contractors, and realised there was nothing suitable to integrate with our SAP systems.

So we developed a bespoke system to meet our clients’ reporting requirements and our own needs:

• Verify employees attendance at specific time and location (if employee tries to log in/out from another location the system will not allow it)
• Provide reports by site and employee
• Send text messages to our employees daily from our main software
• Send the message to Area Manager should employee not clock out from site. This is very important due to Health & Safety and lone working.
• No more using customer’s landlines to log in/out
• Available to use where there is no access to phone line which means all contracts will be monitored

This new online system allows our clients to track their cleaning work at any time, and see that we, their cleaning contractors, are delivering!