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“I am extremely happy with the cleaning services provided by Zing.

Our regional manager is always responsive and immediately follows up on any issues that are raised.

Our offices are always clean and tidy and our lovely cleaner Dorota is very personal, friendly and reliable.

All in all a very smooth running setup.”

Ruth Shuster

Inzenka Ltd

constantly systemizing

constantly systemizing
Zing invests in robust online systems
so our contract clients easily manage their
cleaning service remotely

Banking & Investment Office

  • Zing Bank Office Cleaning London
  • Zing Bank Office Cleaning London
  • Zing Bank Office Cleaning London
  • Zing Bank Office Cleaning London
  • Zing Bank Office Cleaning London

Banking & Investment Offices : 5 Reasons to Hire Zing

  • Image We are conscious how important your image is to your clients, so our staff are trained to maintain the highest standards
  • Security We vet our site staff to ensure their identity, residence rights and upon request we can DBS check them too
  • Bespoke Service Your assigned Relationship Manager will scope out your specific needs and tailor our service to be efficient and discreet
  • Extra Resource When you have specific one-off requirements, we are there to support you, for example, extra staff for events, important meetings etc
  • Specialist Services In addition to your Daily Cleaning team, when you need them, you can call on our Specialist Cleaning team for your periodic needs such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, computer cleaning etc
Zing provides daily office cleaning for Investment Companies, Fund Managers and other financial services offices across London.

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Zing Working For You

We have over 30 years experience of cleaning across London, and we have retained 96% of our customers and 87% of our staff.

Our employees enjoy working for Zing Clean and we have found happy cleaners means happy customers.

We regularly train our staff on-site and off-site to British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) standards.

We are so confident of the reliability and quality of our cleaning service that we give our clients access to our Area Manager App where we log Site Visit Reports, Cleaner Training etc.

We pride ourselves on being proactive and we understand it’s more efficient if we report problems to you first along with solutions. Indeed our staff are incentivised to report issues from their sites.

Annual quality audits for each site are carried out by our own auditor, the Company Quality Manager, to ensure that all processes are being followed and our employees treated equally.

In addition to our Contract Cleaning Services we also offer a range of Specialist Cleaning Services.

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